Hanfu—-Chianese Han people’s traditional clothes

In China, there are 56 different nations, and over 90% of them are Han nation.  Actually, during the long history, the state power of China is mainly structured by Han. However, about 300 years ago, a nation from north part of Asia came into the Central Plains(comprising the middle and lower reaches of the Huanghe River) and occupied the country. Since then, a new gorvernment was built up, which is called “Qing Dynasty”,  and Han people were changed  from ruling class to ruled class. People who built the Qing Dynasty is called Manchu. Manchu people have their own culture and wanted to make Han people give up their traditions. After a period of massacre of  Han people who refused to change, the rest of Han had to follow Manchu’s rules. Han people were required to shave their hair and change the style of clothing into what Manchu are wearing.  After that, handreds of years has passed, however,  Han people haven’t got a chance to resume their own tradition.

Today, since it is much more peaceful than before, more and more Han are trying to revitalize their own culture and nation. People wear Hanfu (tradintional Han clothes) to celebrate traditional festivals. Although at first, some other people could not understand their behaviour, they still insisted on publicizing the knowlodge of  Hanfu and Han culture. They hope one day the world’s impression of Chinaese will have some aspects of Hanfu as well.              

another article about Hanfu—- http://torguqin.wordpress.com/hanfu/modern-hanfu



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  1. fantasyve
    Oct 06, 2010 @ 11:55:02

    it is not easy to fine “leave a comment” in this theme.
    I want to buy Hanfu someday and wear it in holidays.


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